Forced Self Care in the Time of COVID-19

I honestly don't care for myself very well. I'm always on the go. From work, to school, to new art projects, to making baskets, to selling baskets, to going to markets, to visiting family, to volunteering for different events in the community, to completing fellowships, to writing grants, to connecting artists to different artist resources... the list goes on. Very few times can in recent memory do I remember stopping for me. I eat wherever is convenient, which is usually some fast-food or order-ahead type of situation, I go wherever I can zip in and out, and I work long into the night to get things done. It's been an adjustment to be in one place at once, and though my workload seems to have increased in terms of my actual job, I have the opportunity to do some things for myself, complete projects that have been put on hold, take up new lifestyle changes, and make some bigger life moves. You know, I kind of dig it.

Having the time to nurture my body nurtured my spirit in turn. Being able to move more slowly, start my food while I'm working, smelling magic waft into my bedroom from the kitchen, and being able to sit at a table and eat my food rather than eating in my car has been healing. During this time, food has been medicine.

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